Episcia: cultivation and features of leaving

In the nature the episcia grows in shady damp places under trees. Houses grow up it as the hanging-down plant. Young copies some time keep vertically, then lay down and form several long side escapes which begin to hang down too much pot.

Illumination, temperature and humidity

The optimum place for placement of episcia — east and western windows. Diffused light without direct sunshine is necessary for it. If you have decided to place this plant from South side, it is necessary to put it far from window and to create soft lighting by means of translucent paper or fabric. For these purposes it is possible to use tracing-paper, tulle or gauze. At lack of lighting the coloring of leaves of plant can fade.

Air temperature should be maintained approximately +20-25os, it is desirable not to lower it below +18os. In the fall and in the winter the episcia needs to be closed from drafts. The plant perfectly is suitable for cultivation in terrariums and mini-hotbeds. The increased air humidity is preferable to episcia, however it is better not to spray it as the trimmed plates of leaves can decay. To increase humidity, use pallets with peat, pebble or haydite in which place pots with plant. At the same time the bottom of ware should not adjoin to water.


The episcia is sensitive to watering, the dryness of the soil or excessive dampness are harmful to it. During the period from spring to fall it needs abundant watering, it will be out in process of drying of top soil. For this purpose use soft, well otstoyanny water of room temperature. Watering has to be lower as it is undesirable that water got on leaves. It is necessary to limit in its winter, but it is impossible to allow dryings of earth lump. The plant should be watered in 1-2 days after drying of surface of substrate. In the spring and in the summer, during active growth, carry out fertilizing by solution of mineral fertilizers of times in 2 weeks. For episcia organic and mineral fertilizers need to be diluted twice concerning the recommended proportion.

Reproduction and change

Recommend to pass annually plant, it is the best of all to do it in the spring. For cultivation of episcia use rather wide pots of small height. Soil mix is prepared from two parts of the sheet earth, one part of peat or the greenhouse earth, also add sand, pieces of wood charcoal and moss sphagnum. It is necessary to watch that pH of mix was about 5.5. At the bottom of pot it is necessary to make large drain holes and to provide to plant good drainage. The episcia can be made multiple copies separate leaves, seeds and stem shanks. It is the simplest to make it by means of side escapes, they are put in water, without submerging deeply (no more than 3-4 cm). As a rule, they take roots within one week. It is possible to carry out rooting of shanks directly in substrate, they are separated and placed in the easy soil, and then put in hotbed or cover pot with can. It is necessary to remember that reproduction of episcia seeds can lead to loss of high-quality features.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team