Garden in style fusion

Garden in style fusion

Why to be limited to one style of garden? Landscaping in style fusion (from the English word fusion that in translation means "synthesis, merge") will help you to unite several various directions and to achieve unique effect.

The fusion represents mix - sometimes accidental or (that meets most often) deliberate – the most various styles and the directions. As a rule, in such gardens the emphasis is placed on the saturated, rich colors which are often used for creation of the unique, bright and festive atmosphere.

For scale use big "sculptural" plants, and sometimes for strengthening of the idea they should be landed throughout all area of garden. And the strongest effect can achieve, having planted exotic plants. It can be yucca, bamboo, various herbs and bushes which at due leaving quite comfortably feel also in our conditions. Besides, for various stylistic concepts often use containers, pots and cachepot with flowers and decoratively deciduous plants. Normal petunia, chrysanthemums or daisies in combination with decorative cabbage or garden plants can become decoration of such garden.

In gardens in style fusion use the widest range of materials that is unacceptable in other styles. Often use mix of artificial and natural surfaces, whether it be concrete and tree, stone and steel. Garden furniture is used to express special architectural or stylistic orientation, or for introduction of certain color. Such contrasts of materials emphasize simple designs, for example, borders or screens. Besides, very often use materials, such as glass, steel and plastic which are traditionally not connected with gardening. As the eclectic direction from a number of the ideas in time and space, style the fusion has appeared rather recently. Therefore be not afraid to combine, apparently, incongruous things. For example, plant tropical plants in the Japanese stony garden or add modernism elements to garden in the Mediterranean style. The fusion allows to violate all rules and canons.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team