Grade strawberry Albion: rules of landing and cultivation

Grade strawberry Albion: rules of landing and cultivation

The grade Albion is removed in the University of California of the USA and patented in 2006. The first harvest - later after landing fructifies year repeatedly.

The grade of Albion strawberry fructifies several times during the season, duration of daylight hours does not influence maturing of fruits. Bushes turn out tall and strong, leaves have oily gloss. Berries of Albion large, up to 60 g everyone, peg-shaped and dark red color, sweet on taste. Pulp of fruits dense, it is easy to transport harvest of such strawberry because berries are not rumpled and are not deformed how many them was.

Carry to advantages of grade:

  • up to 2 kg of fruits from one bush at the correct leaving;
  • high resistance to drought;
  • immunity to gray decay and antrakoza;
  • the harvest ripens twice during the season: since the end of May prior to the beginning of July and since the end of August to the middle of September.  

However resistance to frost at Albion average, and it means that in cold areas the bushes for the winter should be covered. Shade tolerance at grade too low therefore saplings need to be hidden from the scorching sun. And if temperature reaches 30 degrees and above, they will cease to fructify.

Rules of landing

The space for bed needs to be chosen in advance. It has to be at top of small slope because in the lowland temperature is lower, and humidity – above, it is harmful to Albion strawberry. Before landing the earth should be dug over and fertilized, and organic fertilizers are surely necessary.

On time to plant strawberry it is better in the spring, right after the termination of frosts, or in the first week of September. If the climate warm, approaches also the open ground, however in such areas as Siberia, it is necessary to use hotbeds as saplings will not grow and will not fructify if temperature of the earth is lower than +15 degrees.

Saplings need to be examined: they surely have to have 5-6 sheets and the developed root lobe. Before planting them, it is necessary to cut off sheets up to 2 and roots that their length did not exceed 7 cm.

Beds it is necessary to arrange at distance from 70 cm from each other, and bushes to sit down in intervals up to 15 cm between saplings. It is better to choose day for jumping of Albion strawberry cloudy because change weakens plants and the bright sun can do much harm of the Volume of postlanding watering – from 0.5 l on one sapling.

When from the date of landing there pass two weeks, bushes need to be checked for survival. If some of them have died, to cut off them at the roots and in this hole to prikopat new.

Rules of cultivation

Watering – the most important stage of care for grade Albion, as berry hygrophilous. Water temperature has to be not less than 20 degrees because cold moisture injures both bushes, and leaves.

Watering is necessary to strawberry frequent and abundant. It means what should be watered several times a week, and in areas with hot climate – every day. That bushes had enough water, watering has to be either drop, or moisture charging. The last means that berry is watered by only three times in May, April and July, but the volume of high water – from 12 l. However during blossoming and forming of fruits of moisture it will be required even more – up to 25 l. on sq.m.

It is necessary to watch bushes: if they lack moisture, leaves will begin to fade and if it appears much, berries will turn out watery.

Soil under saplings should be covered with sawdust and needles that fruits did not concern it. And if bed high, it is possible to use black plastic bags which are easy for removing when watering. Besides protection of berries against contact with the earth, they help heat to remain with soil.

To Albion necessary different fertilizers during the different period of time. Potassium is necessary during forming of flowers and berries, solution of boric acid increases quantity of harvest, and therefore it is necessary to spray with it bushes till the blossoming period. For the winter the land under strawberry should be cultivated fertilizers which will help to endure cold weather.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team