How often to water cyclamen

How often to water cyclamen

Thanks to the bright and large flowers the cyclamens are extraordinary popular in room floriculture. Growing up their houses on windowsill, it is necessary to remember that for them the lack of moisture, than surplus is less pernicious.


1. Cyclamens so badly react to excess of moisture because their tuber is inclined to rotting. The rehumidified earth in combination with the lowered temperatures leads to development of the deformed flowers. 1-2 times a week are the best of all to water this plant, at the same time water needs to be poured in pot pallet, but not on roots. The root at cyclamen has appearance of tuber and is arranged in such a way that water easily accumulates in its center where the hollow leaves flowers and leaves. The water which was late there will provoke decay of tuber and disease of cyclamen. During the landing or purchase of the whole plant in pot it is necessary to check - the tuber has to tower over earth surface approximately on 1 cm. If the acquired flower does not correspond to these conditions, it is necessary to replace urgently it in due form.

2. The first symptom of fungal disease which is caused by overwetting it is the leaves which are turning yellow not during season. They should be deleted at once in a special way - having taken for the basis, without making to unscrew from tuber practically efforts. It is impossible to pull out or cut off the struck leaves at all - completely the leaf thus will not be removed, and the remained fragments will be still big source of infection. After all leaves are unscrewed, the plant needs to be transferred to drier mode. Check soil moisture of cyclamen and its need for watering in several ways. The simplest option is to press finger the soil so that the finger has plunged approximately on 1-1.5 cm. If at the same time the soil at this depth rather damp also sticks to finger, the plant does not need watering so far. The second way is to check pot for weight after watering and in dry state. After several weeks of training, having raised pot, at once it will be possible to tell, it is necessary to water cyclamen now or to postpone it for about two days.

3. The need of cyclamen for water directly depends on temperature of the room and on lighting in the room. As a rule, the warmer and is lighter, the more plant needs water as develops in favorable conditions more actively. Important role is played also by age of cyclamen. Young plants have not strongly developed root system therefore need frequent, regular, but not really abundant watering. And the plant which is 3 years old and more has good root system and prefers rare, but abundant waterings. If roots of cyclamen have filled all pot, such plant needs to be watered is more abundant, than what has a lot more place for growth of root system. Water plants in clay pots in comparison with pots from plastic twice more often. The burned clay absorbs a lot of moisture from the soil and evaporates it through vessel walls. After watering, water in pallet should not remain longer, than for half an hour. This time is enough that all substrate could become impregnated, after all remained water from pallet pours out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team