How to accelerate growth of plants

How to accelerate growth of plants

It is possible to stimulate growth of plants having created them ideal conditions for development. Requirements to leaving at all plants different, but them it is possible to spread out to separate elements: soil, watering and lighting.


1. Before landing of plant take an interest what soil it prefers. It is important not to be mistaken at this stage because correctly picked up soil — pledge of the fact that watering and power supply of plant will be most effective. Ready pochvosmes can be got in garden shop. Just tell the seller for what plant you need the soil. And you can mix it. For this purpose you will need the earth, sand, peat and humus. Proportions depend on species of plant and are usually specified in specialized literature. If they are absent, be guided by the description of requirements of plant to the soil: if easy is necessary — add more sand, feeder the soil will be made by humus, and peat should be added for those plants that grow on damp places.

2. Pay attention to that how often and what you water the plants. One of the most common causes of growth inhibition — constant modulation. For plants it is better not to add, than to pour. In case of overdrying the flower will rather just lose decorative effect — will wither, will turn pale, leaves will have dry tips, but roots will not suffer and after normalization of the mode of watering the plant will quickly return to form. The constant dampness is transferred by only the few plants from marshy places or from tropics. At the others roots begin to start to rot, the plant receives less power supply and that is called "sits". The reason can be and in water — not all plants agree to hard water. For example, for the acidophilic plants (loving the soil with sour reaction) the constant watering by tap water zashchelachivat the soil that leads to death.

3. Difficulties with lighting arise seldom — usually this aspect is considered upon purchase of plant. If your flower "burns" or "lasts", exits only two — to shade or dosvetit. By the way, the dosvetka sometimes is effective in growth stimulation. Extending in the winter daylight hours, it is possible to achieve that the flower will not go to "rest".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team