How to arrange the small room

How to arrange the small room

Arrangement of any room has to be carefully thought over. In particular it is necessary to show imagination at the organization of space in small rooms as as a result of unsuccessful planning they can look too close and conspirational.


1. At arrangement do not use too bright tone and sharp contrasts. Visually the walls executed in light pastel tones will help to broaden the room for example it can be light shades of blue, green, pink and gray color and also apricot and cream, white color. If you are going to paste over walls with wall-paper, then choose monophonic or with the small uniform drawing.

2. The most optimal solution is to create design of the room, equipping it in the monochrome color scheme. If different objects of decor have one color gamma, then visually they will do the room more. Therefore pick up wall-paper, upholstery fabrics and home decoration in one gamma, and you receive very unusual design.

3. With special attention it is necessary to treat furniture. Try to pick up it in light tones, then it visually will not absorb free space. It is desirable that furniture was not bulky and multipurpose. For example, good decisions for the small room are the sofa bed, chair of the average sizes, folding table.

4. If you have opportunity, then get several pieces of glass furniture, for example, it can be coffee table and chairs. Besides transparent surfaces increase the area and the reflecting surfaces. Therefore the successful decision can become sliding wardrobe with mirror facade and big mirror on wall.

5. Do not lose sight that the integrity of space provides systemacity of arrangement of furniture. Place it so that it was possible to move quietly about the room. It is the best of all if it rises along walls. Besides, than the most part of floor will be free, more the free space will seem to those.

6. The abundance of artificial and natural light will help to open space. Arrangement of the built-in lamps and lamps will be the excellent decision. If for some reason this option is unacceptable for you – use low floor lamps and floor lamps. As for frame of windows, for these purposes you should not use curtains and heavy portieres – replace them with light natural fabrics.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team