How to beat beam on ceiling

How to beat beam on ceiling

The solid wood ceiling beam or is rather plus, than room minus a little. They will perfectly add classical, rural, retro and many other interiors. Beams give to the living room, the hall, the dining room and kitchen solidity and originality. Here it is only necessary to issue this part in harmony with other interior of the room.

It is required to you

  • - processing of tree;
  • - paints on tree;
  • - varnish;
  • - lamps;
  • - bunches of plants;
  • - cart wheel.


1. Examine beam very carefully. It bears on itself considerable loading and has to be in perfect tune. Invite the expert if you had had any doubts and suspicions. The master will make necessary processing of tree that it belief and the truth served for a long time you.

2. Only after that start the choice of finishing and registration of beam. If at decor of your interior there are national motives, they can be used also for decoration of wooden parts on ceiling. Choose accurate large ornament (small it will be difficult to make out) and buy bright rich acrylic colors on tree.

3. Transfer pattern to beam and paint it. When means dries, cover all area with flat varnish. It will protect the drawing from fading and will make it brighter. Contours of ornament can be circled with black or dark brown paint or to burn out.

4. If the beam is on ceiling of the big kitchen, suspend on it bunches of onions and garlic, Venichka and bunches of fragrant herbs. Perfectly also various metal suspension for large kitchen ware looks. They can be got ready or to order by your size in the forge. The tree and shod metal are perfectly combined with each other.

5. But, perhaps, the most popular way of ornament and use of ceiling beam is placement of lamps on it. Choose chandeliers suitable on style your interior, but products from natural materials anyway show to advantage: glasses, metal, tree, fabric.

6. Try to find old cart wheel. This subject will become fine and stylish basis for fixing on beam of lamps. To you will be to drill enough openings under installation of cartridges and to screw hooks for solid metal chains. Hammer big hook into the middle of beam and already on it hang up 3-4 chains which will hold the improvised chandelier. Plafonds of different form are on sale in shops of lighting engineering.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team