How to hang up mirror on feng shui

How to hang up mirror on feng shui

Mirror - not the simple subject for decoration of interior, it was always allocated with magic properties. Not any place in the house is suitable for placement of mirrors. That this subject of decor brought benefit the presence, listen to councils feng shui.

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  • - mirror.


1. Get big mirror in which all family members would be reflected entirely. Has to "cut off" to nobody the head, otherwise the person will suffer headaches. It is necessary to have big mirror that the energy, physical and intellectual potential of each family member has been implemented fully.

2. Place mirror in such place that it reflected only pleasant and beautiful objects, for example, vase, picture, decor and many other things. You can specially put the thing symbolizing wealth, success and happiness near the reflecting surface. Mirrors have properties to strengthen the object reflected in them.

3. The most successful places for mirror, in terms of feng shui, is the kitchen, the living room and the dining room. Hang up it opposite to dining table, then in your house there will always be enough money and tasty food. If the plate is opposite to door, hang up over it mirror, in this place it will promote creation of nice psychological interior.

4. Try not to hang up and not to put mirror in the bedroom. This room is the place of release of all negative emotions, the mirror will reflect them back. Put better other symbols feng shui. If it is impossible to remove mirror from the bedroom, hang up it so that in it the sleeping people were not reflected or close it screen or fabric. Otherwise there is risk of emergence of marital infidelity.

5. All your mirrors have to be in frames that their energy always was positive and went to the right place, but did not dissipate. You watch that mirrors remained clean, it also promotes maintaining positive energy. Never hang up the reflecting surface opposite to windows or outer door, otherwise the wellbeing with you will not remain, and will return back to the outside world.

6. Pay attention to suddenly cracked mirror - it has warded off from you disaster. Such mirror contains only negative energy, try to throw out quicker it. Do not use mirror tile, it splits up reflection and can break your life. You do not look in splinters, thereby you will attract to yourself failures.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team