How to break flower bed at the dacha

Country housing constructions are used by people for rest on the weekend or summer months. At the dacha there is no city bustle, and air is purer. Just there is a wish to have a rest or be engaged in the pleasure in landing of plants. Summer residents will organize the whole flower beds. As a result colourful islands turn out, pleasant. In the device of flower bed there are certain canons allowing to create harmonious compositions.


1. Before being engaged in jumping of flowers, it is necessary to find the suitable place for them. If planting of photophilous plants is supposed, then arrange flower bed in the place where all day sunny. It is more preferable to plant plants which fade from surplus of ultraviolet in shadow. If the space allows, arrange bed in front of the house. It will be the first that will be seen by your guests at giving visit.

2. Choose the size and form of flower bed taking into account the used space. It is necessary to fill as much as possible used earth. The bed can be rectangular, oval, round and any shape. If nearby the house wall is located, plant about it the curling roses, clematis, hydrangeas, wistaria or other plants. In process of growth help plant to trudge around windows and doors.

3. Interestingly several small nearby flower beds look. To unite them in uniform composition, set space between them lawn or undersized grass. It is possible to arrange flower bed at the edges of path. Put one plant species narrow strip framing path on both sides. Petunias, marigold, roses can be for this purpose used. Take plants of different shade and land strips.

4. Creating compositions from flowers, apply household goods. Take old bathtub and use it for the bed device. Dig bathtub to half or just paint. Fill capacity bottom with gravel, and from above fill lands. Land in it pansies, fern, to host. At the edges of flower bed arrange the trudging plants. They will beautifully hang down, supplementing composition.

5. There is also other option – turn bathtub into reservoir. Earth it completely. Arrange at the edges hygrophilous plants: meadowsweet, periwinkle, fragrant violet. Instead of bathtub for flower bed you can use sink, old barrel, basket.

6. Undoubtedly, summer residents dream of flower bed which the whole summer will be pleasing to the eye bright paints. How to arrange it? Use annual dolgotsvetushchy plants. The male and female cross graceful begins to blossom at the beginning of summer and continues to flaunt to frosts. By means of its red-purple colors create bright accents.

7. Land decorative tobacco on bed. Time of its blossoming June-October. Inflorescences reveal at night and exhale fragrant aroma. At the edges of flower bed land ageratum. Its blue delicate flowers are used as border.

8. Take tsinniya of different grades. Fill with small plants space between high flowers. High land behind undersized plants, protecting them, thus, from cold winds. Often for beds use petunia which blossoms since May to the cold weather.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team