How to choose air purifiers for the house

How to choose air purifiers for the house

The adverse climate in the house can become the cause of various diseases of allergic and infectious character. From what the person breathes, his health, mood, working capacity directly depends. Clean air of the house is necessary – here the person sleeps and has a rest.


1. Choose technology of air purification. In the air cleaner hazardous substances are late filters. Having decided on functionality of filters, it is necessary to choose the air purifier for the house.

2. Distinguish the following types of filters: - Preliminary rough cleaning – delay large pollution, hair, dust. - NERA filters – do not pass small particles of dust, pollen of plants, that is promote elimination of the reasons of some allergic states and diseases of respiratory organs. - Charcoal filters – in such designs as cleaner activated carbon which absorbs volatile compounds from air is used. - Photocatalysts – photocatalytic technology which neutralizes harmful compounds, turning them into substances, safe for health.

3. Pay attention to fan rotation speeds. Availability of three modes which differ with operating time and the made noise is important for the air purifier. The most silent mode is intended for night work, the standard duty allows the device to work round the clock, maximum – serves for fast, short-term air purification.

4. Consider the level of noise made by cleaner. The more quietly the device works, the performance is less, but comfort level is higher. Choose models with several modes to have opportunity to have a rest at night.

5. Pay attention to availability of consumables. Just to choose the air purifier for the house which will suit you on the technical characteristics a little. Replacement of filters has to be made regularly therefore find out whether there are no problems with acquisition of additional devices.

6. Way of fastening of the air cleaner. Effectively the devices located at the height about one meter from floor purify air therefore specify possibility of fastening of the device on wall.

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