How to choose dacha furniture

How to choose dacha furniture

If you have got used to spend in the summer much time at the dacha, pay special attention to the choice of furniture for arrangement of the house and the site. You should not bring there old beds, the gone to pieces chairs and other objects which are a shame for holding houses, and it is a pity to throw out. Acquire new set of special country furniture better.


1. Make the list of things which will be required to you at the dacha, besides surely specify, any given subject on the seasonal dacha or in the house will be located. The bed, table, chairs, benches, stools, dresser, cabinet, rack, curbstone, etc. can be necessary for you. It is desirable not to choose upholstered furniture if only you are not ready to clean often it or to regularly change and erase furniture covers.

2. Determine the maximum sum which you are ready to pay for furniture. As a rule, arrangement of giving costs much not too because people try to choose the cheapest things. In case also you do not intend to make out magnificent interior, give preference to inexpensive furniture from chipboard or to special country sets of plastic. However pay attention not only to the price, but also to quality: it is unprofitable to take furniture for one season.

3. Give preference to practical furniture. It surely has to be easy in leaving and reliable. Furniture which is going to arrange on the seasonal dacha has to differ in resistance to influence of moisture and direct sunshine. Besides, it is very important to make sure that the things chosen by you will be able easily to transfer severe winter in not heated room.

4. Choose furniture from MDF or wood if you want to equip respectable giving for rest. Especially magnificently chairs, tables and benches with shod elements look. However such objects have also minuses: the high cost, rather big weight and low moisture resistance and temperature drops in the absence of high-quality processing.

5. Think what size there has to be dacha furniture. In close lodge it is easier to place compact objects therefore before acquisition of furniture it is recommended to measure room space and to determine the optimum sizes of chairs, tables and so forth. In spacious houses or on sites, on the contrary, massive furniture will be appropriate.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team