How to choose soft corner

How to choose soft corner

It is necessary to approach the choice of soft corner responsibly. Correctly picked up sofa will promote good dream and rest. Now there are several types of sofas.


1. Such types of folding sofas enjoy wide popularity: "book", "folding bed" and transforming sofa. "Book" differs in reliability. Its mechanism is capable to sustain heavy loads. You can leave sofa book both in put, and in the spread-out state. Its mechanism well transfers frequent transformations. The sofa folding bed is usually used as berth. Before going to bed it is displayed, and in the morning put again. It has less reliable mechanism therefore he will not be able to transfer continuous transformations. Transforming sofas do not differ in reliability too and often break.

2. Upon purchase of furniture of a such type it is necessary to pay attention to number of important parts. First of all try to sort and collect sofa several times. The mechanism has to transform without efforts. It should be noted, the German folding mechanisms are considered as the most reliable. If you have decided to get sofa which has the pull-out mechanism, then special attention pay to rollers and guides on which they move. The mechanism has to be metal. Otherwise it can quickly fail.

3. When choosing sofa look narrowly at timber frame construction. The good framework is made of natural, well dry-through wood. If you have noticed in design of chipboard, then refuse this model. Also there should not be knots and cracks.

4. After that you pass to the choice of upholstery. If you want to buy leather sofa, then for a start choose suitable color. After that pay attention to processing skin. On it there should not be cracks and other various damages. You can choose texture and type of skin on the discretion. Consider, skin which has various stampings will quickly accumulate dust and small garbage. Especially it is important to consider it if in the house there are small children or pets.

5. When choosing sofa with fabric basis pay attention to material. Jacquard is very dense material. It will serve very long time. Also at production often use shenill. It is quite simple to clean such fluffy fabric. Spots from material can be removed easily by means of alcohol. The velor covering will be abraded over time therefore best of all to refuse it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team