How to collect sea-buckthorn

How to collect sea-buckthorn

For a long time the sea-buckthorn is considered useful herb. It contains huge amount of biologically active agents and various vitamins. From sea-buckthorn berries it is possible to prepare jam, to press juice and even to receive the real oil. Fresh berries for the subsequent use can be frozen in the freezer in integral look or suppressed berry with sugar.

It is very important to know not only time of collecting, but also as it is correctly necessary to collect sea-buckthorn. Medicinal raw materials of sea-buckthorn are its seeds, fruits and leaves. Preparation of fruits should be made when they have already reached the maturity, namely with approach of the real frost. It is important to know several methods which by all means will be useful for collecting this curative plant. The receptions used for collecting sea-buckthorn:

  • It is necessary to collect fruits, since the top of branch, gradually going along it to trunk. To protect the clothes from pollution, from above it is possible to throw with unnecessary dressing gown or apron as mature fruits quite often burst directly in hands and soil with splashes not only skin, but also all around.
  • If the sea-buckthorn gathers for the purpose of the subsequent transportation, then it is better to cut off its blind ears entirely. As a result the short branch which is densely covered with fruits turns out. These branches can be laid accurately at each other, and then, to sort on boxes. It is better stored in such look and transfers transportation, than berries which transport in bulk.
  • Berries of sea-buckthorn can be picked by means of small nozhnichek or edge.
  • Fruits can be taken by means of special comb for schesyvaniye.
  • Among gardeners special adaptation in the form of loop which, as a rule, is made of thick fishing line or fine steel wire and fastens the basis to shank from tree is very widely used. Fruits, thus, easy breakthrough can be taken from the most hard-to-reach spots.
  • The accuratest way of collecting sea-buckthorn is collecting by means of plastic bag which is attached to tin hollow tube. The tube, in this case, is brought under the basis of leg of ripe fruit, then accurately forefinger fruits go towards tube. Thus, berries roll down tube directly in package which when filling it is possible to pour and begin the procedure of collecting anew.

By means of above-mentioned ways how it is necessary to collect sea-buckthorn, it is possible safely to begin to prepare valuable medicinal berries. Having correctly collected and having prepared sea-buckthorn, you will provide yourself incredibly tasty, and, the most important, useful medicinal raw materials for all year, and thereby present health and yourself and relatives.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team