How to choose the best parquet board?

How to choose the best parquet board?

Being going to begin repair, it is necessary to choose also qualitative floor covering. The parquet board – optimum the choice for this purpose, it allows to use natural materials at the affordable price without loss of their quality.

What to begin with?

Beautiful floor is very important in order that the design of the room had complete appearance. Unsuccessfully chosen floor covering can destroy and depreciate completely composition. On beautiful parquet even the modest situation will look expensively and presentably whereas in combination with nekachestvennyy and ugly floor the most refined furniture loses look. To meet the budget and to win the parquet board will help with quality – the prices of it are quite democratic.

Not to be mistaken with the choice, not to become puzzled in variety of materials for floor and to choose the best parquet board, it is necessary to study the market of floor coverings previously. For this purpose it is possible to use the Internet or to go to excursion to hardware store. In most cases construction supermarkets provide similar services and willingly advise potential buyers.

Specialists consultants will be able intelligibly to explain difference and advantages of the provided laminate types under parquet board, parquet and parquet board, will help to calculate the necessary volume and when you decide on purchase, will bring her to the place. According to the preliminary arrangement of the master will be able to lay covering. Without doubts, at them it will turn out much quicker and more qualitatively, than it will be made by the inept and inexperienced fan.

Design of parquet board

The parquet board represents quite difficult design. It consists of several layers that considerably reduces the price of its price, in it its main difference from integral parquet. The top layer is made of thin plates of whole tree. In the middle of parquet board the stuck together shavings of pine wood are laid, and the base layer represents plywood and serves as the rigid basis under parquet board. It repeatedly increases its durability, and it is capable to serve faithfully not one decade without harm for the exterior if it is correct to lay it and honestly to look after.

How to choose the best parquet board

Depending on the cost of materials which were used during its creation the parquet board will have some differences in quality characteristics. For the best expensive and strong models use valuable breeds of tree. To it the stained oak, black rosewood, box and some other belongs.

In more available price ranges of parquet board use nut, cherry, pine, wenge, ash-tree and other, more democratic materials. There are differences and in fastening of board: in different models use groove or the lock which stick together with special glue and in addition get off.

Depending on models, castle systems for fastening of parquet board can separately be on sale – this moment needs also to be found out in advance to avoid excess time expenditure and to preserve nervous cages during repair.

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