How to choose the electric water heater

How to choose the electric water heater

City dwellers face every summer problem which consists in cutoff of hot water. It brings many inconveniences. Not to be depending on community services, it is necessary to buy the good water heater.


1. The electric accumulative water heater is the heat exchanger which is capable to make heating of water to 75 degrees and to support it in the automatic mode. The thermostat which carries out inclusion and switching off of heating coil is responsible for it.

2. When choosing the water heater surely find out its performance in liters a minute. Most often it is specified in the avenue of firm. Compare it with normal water flow. If you have no opportunity to consider how many liters a minute are necessary, then use old, but reliable way. Take the capacity of the known volume, include shower with usual pressure and look for what time the bucket will completely be filled. If filling has happened in minute, then the expense approximately makes 8 liters a minute. If the bucket was filled in half-minute, then you have got used to spend 16 liters a minute. Thus the power of the water heater which will satisfy your requirements is defined.

3. Deciding on the volume of the capacitive water heater, be guided by average single consumption of warm water one person: the bathroom - 150 liters, shower – 80 liters, the washbasin – 10 liters, kitchen washing – 25 liters. These data can help with the choice of approximate volume of the water heater. It is necessary to apply more difficult calculations to more exact choice of volume. It is also possible to define water flow, proceeding from duration of its use taking into account the required pressure. In the country people most often use water heaters from 100 and to 200 liters. For the city apartment choose the boiler from 10 to 50 liters. It can reduce sharpness of problem which arises in connection with annual summer shutdown of hot-water supply.

4. Remember that you, perhaps, will use at the same time several points through which water is pumped. When choosing the water heater pay attention to electrical wiring. It has to allow connection of the similar device.

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