How to choose the realtor

How to choose the realtor

Sale, purchase and rent of housing – all this is very important and therefore such it is better to entrust affairs to professionals. Notice, the main word – to professionals, but not realtors who have created group on social network a month ago. How to choose the good realtor?

In Europe the choice of the realtor treat with the same attention, as the choice of the stomatologist or lawyer. It is the best of all for you to lean on responses and the recommendations of the acquaintances, but if there are no those, then it is necessary most to penetrate into all parts of the matter.

Most of people mistakenly believe that the realtor takes unfairly fantastic sum for the work, but it not so. Long-term work, the accumulated experience, the own customer base – all this is at the true professional. 

First of all you have to compare the sum called at assessment of your dwelling with the average prices of your area. It should not differ significantly. Unfair realtors often overstate the price (that constantly to force down it) or on the contrary underestimate (to them the main thing - quicker to make the transaction and to turn out "blood"). It is desirable to invite several realtors for assessment and at everyone to take an interest what criteria specifically it used for apartment assessment.

It is IMPORTANT. If you are initially invited in office, then do not spend time for such realtor. Most likely, to you will suggest to sign the paid contract on the basis of which the realtor will begin the activity, but, subsequently, you only lose money, and in the same place will not find office any more.

The second important point during the work with realtors are your expenses. To you have to sound all commissions, expenses, percent – expenses have to be sounded in full. If the realtor does not wish to tell this subject or his explanations are not clear to you, then it is better not to contact such "professional". Know, the most popular way of deception are hidden raises.

When the realtor suggests to make the contract, it is the best of all to consult with the lawyer. In contracts "reefs" often flash. Point which speaks about its cancellation without financial losses for you has to be surely stated in the contract.

The realtor has to post online photos of your apartment on different resources – surely check this process. Look for the dwelling floating around the Internet, compare the cost and all other data.

At observance of all these rules your deal will be closed very successfully. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team