How to choose upholstered furniture

How to choose upholstered furniture

The cosiness in the dwelling begins with situation of each room. To make the house beautiful, and stay in it comfortable, it is important to pick up suitable upholstered furniture correctly. Such products as sofas, chairs, couches, banquettes and ottomans have to fit successfully into interior, remaining at the same time functional and reliable.


1. When choosing upholstered furniture pay attention to upholstery as this element in use wears out most quicker. Furniture fabric has to be purified easily from pollution and to be rather strong. Consider that the most expensive fabric not always is the most qualitative.

2. The flock is considered the most practical option of upholstery. It is easy to clean this material, it is rather strong and durable. One of the most whimsical furniture materials - jacquard. Its beautiful silky surface needs care. And frequent cleanings by cleaning agents can damage such upholstery – it will fade and will lose original form.

3. Examine seams which have to be accurate and equal. It is desirable that they were not evident – some producers use too wide needles leaving too wide openings on surface when tailoring.

4. Take an interest what filler has been used at production of furniture. In modern models use spring blocks, polyester fibers, polyurethane foam. Each of these types is good provided that filler high-quality. Sit down or lay down on the chosen model. After you get up, on furniture there should not be dents, and the surface has to return to initial form at once.

5. Make sure of reliability of framework. The metal base is strong and durable. By production of such frameworks use aluminum, steel, titanium. Furniture with such framework will be suitable for fans of frequent shifts in the house. Good and strong basis just for decoration is also the framework from the massif of beech, ash-tree, oak. The bases from coniferous breeds are cheaper, but also are less durable.

6. The cheapest frameworks do of chipboard and fibreboard. They are unreliable and have the smallest term of operation. Responsible producers always seek to make frameworks available to the overview of buyers. If any part is hidden and inaccessible for the overview, it is worth doubting quality of this product.

7. Selecting furniture for form and the size, it is necessary to be guided by the sizes of the room and feature of interior. Experts recommend to refuse purchase of models of the big sizes to the small room that is impractical and it is unattractive. For the room at which registration there are twisted ladders, columns and other elements of rounded shape select furniture of the same forms.

8. Choosing furniture for office, give preference to models of strict forms. It is considered that it subconsciously will help employees to concentrate and will create at them the correct working spirit.

9. Speaking about color of furniture, It should be noted that modern designers do not recommend to choose models of the bright shouting colors which negatively influence mentality. Color of furniture has to be warm, soft, unostentatious and be in harmony with surrounding situation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team