How to chromeplate part

How to chromeplate part

The short instruction as in living conditions to make chromium plating of part. The useful management for the beginning master.

It is required to you

  • galvanic bathtub (glass jar), the diluted sulphatic electrolyte (CrO3 - 150 g/l and H2SO4 - 1.5 g/l), the anode (lead will approach), the cathode (the chromeplated part).


1. The part covered with chrome or alloy on its basis has high antifriction properties, wear resistance and differs in attractiveness. For chromium plating of parts it will be required: galvanic bathtub (it is possible to use also glass jar), the diluted sulphatic electrolyte (CrO3 - 150 g/l and H2SO4 - 1.5 g/l), the anode (lead will approach) and the cathode (the chromeplated part). At production of the anode it is recommended to use Pb=81-86 alloy of %, Sn=10-15 of %, Sb=4 of % which often is even better lead. That the anode was not exposed to oxidation, it should be stored in the warmed-up water.

2. For preparation of electrolyte either the distilled water, or boiled and otstoyanny water is used. In 2/3 parts of the water heated to 60 – 70 °C CrO3 is dissolved. After addition of the remained water, solution mixes up and in H2SO4 negovvoditsya. Then electrolyte "is studied" at t 45 – 50 °C within 4-6 hours at the cathode current density ranging from 4 up to 6 And/

3. After study, electrolyte is settled. Trial chromium plating can be begun on the expiration of day. In the electrolyte heated to 50 – 52 °C and kept about 3 hours the trial part is veiled (it becomes alive). In hour it is necessary to check quality of covering. The covering has to be uniform and resistant to mechanical influence. If there are scratches, then it is necessary to work electrolyte about two more hours and to repeatedly subject part to chromium plating. As a rule, by search of optimal variant of parameters of chromium plating it is necessary to make 5-6 trial.

4. Surely it is necessary to boil the chromeplated part in 2-3 liters of the distilled water about one and a half hours. Then to place for 2-3 hours in the cabinet dryer, maintaining temperature of 120 - 130 °C.

5. Chromium plating process comes to the end with machining, grinding and final operational development of part.

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