How to clean old frying pan

How to clean old frying pan

Sometimes happens that preparing the next culinary masterpiece, suddenly you notice that the favourite frying pan was absolutely smoked. That it served faithfully a lot more years, it is necessary to clean it. The choice of way of cleaning depends on material of which the frying pan is made.


1. Define of what material your frying pan is made. It can be the thick pig-iron vessel, thin aluminum, enameled, frying pan with non-stick - teflon covering, bright copper. For each frying pan there is the method of cleaning.

2. Prepare chemical solution for cleaning of aluminum frying pan. For this purpose take bar of laundry soap, grate it, mix with handful of soda ash and pour in 2-3 small bottles of office glue. The last is added that in frying pan the protective layer was formed.

3. Find the volume vessel, pour the turned-out mix there and fill in with water. Dip frying pan completely there.

4. Boil frying pan within 1.5-2 hours on weak fire. Take out, let it will cool down. Rub sponge. All deposit will descend at small mechanical effort.

5. pig-iron frying pan. The deposit is scratched out. In more started case use abrasive paper. Do not take very rough. There can be ruts.

6. You clean the enameled frying pan metal soft sponge. It can be bought in any household department. Put cleaning agent and pound. Enamel will not be damaged, and the deposit will descend.

7. Wash frying pan with non-stick coating special sponge which will clean, but will not damage thin covering.

8. Prepare special solution for cleaning of copper frying pan. Mix water, ammonia solution and chalk in proportion 6:3:1. Apply with sponge on frying pan surface. Leave to dry. Rub to gloss with dry rag.

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