How to clean pipe from soot

How to clean pipe from soot

Over time any pipe becomes covered by soot layer from within. I sit down to clean in pipe of furnaces or fireplaces it is possible in the mechanical or chemical way. It is necessary to do it not less than 1 time a year as at the hammered pipe it is possible to get poisoned by fumes and besides the draft worsens that leads to smoke in the house.

It is required to you

  • - pole;
  • - chain;
  • - chemical means for cleaning of furnaces of soot.


1. To clean pipe from soot mechanically, close valve on pipe indoors, climb on roof, having taken with themselves long pole or thick long chain.

2. If you clean pipe by means of pole, drive in pipe with circular motions to clean all edges. When using chain lower it in pipe and make circular motions.

3. If on the course of pipe there are connections, then in certain cases use only of pole or it appears chains inefficient action. At strong blockage you should remove pipe if it is iron or asbestos-cement or to sort brick in the uneven places called borovka and to clean all uneven places by means of crutch or scoop. Then again to connect everything.

4. Open several times valve in the house, it will allow the soot which has fallen off down to pass in flues. When cleaning pipe make cleaning of flues at once. For this purpose open door in each flue or pull out brick if in your oven there are no doors in flues, clean all with scoop, close doors or insert brick, cover slots with clay with sand.

5. To clean pipe by means of chemical means, buy special means for cleaning of chimneys of soot, they are presented in shops of household goods in the form of briquettes, powder or log.

6. For use flood the furnace or fireplace, on the maximum heating fill up or throw the bought means on the top of the burning firewood.

7. You can use other method. Put firewood in fire chamber of the furnace or fireplace, from above fill or put briquette with chemical, flood the furnace. Soot will take off through pipe on the street and will partially be showered in flues. Therefore after cleaning open flues and clean soot. Then miss the mark all slots with clay with sand and whitewash lime or water emulsion.

8. If you do not want to be engaged in independent cleaning of chimney, cause specialized service. To you will carry out professional cleaning according to all rules.

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