How to clean the iron from scum

How to clean the iron from scum

If your iron began to steam badly, and on fabric tiny firm lumps which take off from under iron sole have begun to remain, means has come it is time to clean the tool for stroking from scum. Limy deposits and dust hammer tubule for steam conclusion. Attentively read the instruction for use of the iron. New models of irons are supplied with special rods or filters, and in other models there is self-cleaning function.

It is required to you

  • - Vinegar of 9%;
  • - Water;
  • - Soda (1 tablespoon);
  • - Citric acid (1 h spoon);
  • - New antilimy cartridge;
  • - Antisludge agent;
  • - Water.


1. In case with antilimy rods: Read information on how to pull out rod from the iron in the instruction. The design of such irons provides that on this rod all mineral raid is besieged. Make in bowl strong acetic solution in proportion with water 1:1 and wet rod for hour. The scum will be softened and will partially be dissolved. Wash rod with clear water and establish on the place. Solution for soaking can be prepared from soda or citric acid. Dissolve them in warm water and wet rod. Then wash out it under the crane and install in the iron.

2. Antilimy cartridges disposable are also not subject to cleaning. It is necessary to change them approximately time in half a year. Be verified with the instruction attached to your iron, replace the cartridge new.

3. Iron with self-cleaning function: Dissolve antisludge agent according to the recipe written on packing. Pour in solution in the iron tank. Put the iron on heating at full capacity. Let's it two times be disconnected. Now pull out fork from the socket and go with the iron to the bathroom. Arrange iron sole over sink or the bathroom and turn on the button for cleaning. Do not burn the ferry. Puffs of vapor, escaping from tubules, will take out with themselves the softened limy raid. After completion of the procedure of cleaning wash the tank and channels with clear water.

4. The second option for irons with self-cleaning has gradual effect. Fill the iron tank with the means from scum divorced water. Fold old terry towel in several layers. Put on it the cold iron with the couples mode and leave for hour. Then fill in clear water, heat the iron and several times exhaust on towel, washout of tubule.

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