How to clean the sewerage in owner-occupied dwelling

How to clean the sewerage in owner-occupied dwelling

The sewerage — the water disposal system of waste waters intended for removal of solid and liquid waste products of the person, utility fluids. Such sewer drains collect in owner-occupied dwelling in the special receiver – septic tank. Very often pipes are hammered with small particles and fat. As a rule, it is necessary to clean the sewerage even without waiting for emergency blockage. The clearing of the sewerage is the most ancient problem familiar to mankind since the antique Greek states where the centralized utilization of drains has been for the first time applied.

It is required to you

  • For sewerage clearing it will be required to you:
  • - metal rope or old electrocable thickness not to exchange of 1 cm;
  • - hot water;
  • - plunger;
  • - cleaning agents.


1. We in the house always have bathtub, sink in the bathroom, the sink in kitchen, toilet bowl, can be shower cabin. If the bathtub has got littered, pour in not water no more than 10 cm in depth, take the plunger, put it sucker on drain hole. Sharp movements begin to pump with the plunger water, continue to do it until to be heard the sharp squelching sounds. At the same time sharply pull out it from water, drains under the influence of discharge will direct down, washing away on the way. Now fill in draining of some cleaning agent, include I heat water for several minutes. But water to former does not pass? Then remove siphon from bathtub, in his knee many deposits have collected. For this purpose turn off upper part into which the stopper is inserted, the siphon will fall in bottom, sort it, you will shake out from it all dirt. Disconnect siphon from pipe, push the cleaning rope in pipe and, rotating it, clean pipe till the end.

2. The sink in kitchen is usually hammered with the solid waste accumulating in siphon settler. For rinse basin always buy the folding system of draining, so that dirt accumulated below. Still there are siphons with grinders, they are very convenient, turn on the motor, both all cleanings and skins are crushed and merge in pipe. Turn off the lower cap of settler, he is completely killed, clean it, wash out under water jet. Now look whether the corrugated tubule going from settler to sewage pipe if necessary was hammered clean also it, using rope.

3. And here the most difficult - toilet bowl! At toilet bowl the exhaust outlet after water trap is hammered always, it grows with uric stone, solid excrement. Disconnect exhaust crepe paper or pig-iron corner, you will see that the round opening is half hammered. take the screw-driver or chisel and pick out this packed stone. Besides, in the water lock of toilet bowl the uric stone is postponed too, it needs to be picked out long too. No chemical means will help. In principle it is toilet bowl old age that does not suffer with removal of uric stone better to buy new toilet bowl. The toilet bowl serves from 10 to 15 years. Now clean rope the main pipe going to drain hole, it can be cleaned both from the house, and from hole.

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