How to clean thermos

How to clean thermos

Many people who at least are occasionally using thermos are familiar with problem of emergence of dark raid on its inside face. And it is not so easy to get rid of it. It is natural if in time to wash thermos after each its use, such problem can and be avoided. But strong brewing tea, for example, which has stayed in it couple of hours all the same will leave behind caustic dark stains. There are several ways to clean thermos. And for pretty short time.


1. Couple of spoons of baking soda should be poured out in thermos and to fill in them with boiled water. In hour it is necessary to place in it handful of coarse salt. Instead of salt it is possible to use also pounded egg shell or fine sand. Further it is necessary to close densely thermos cover and to properly shake up its contents. After such procedure the inside face of thermos will shine as the newcomer.

2. Perfectly also citric acid copes with cleaning of dark raid. It is enough to fill up tablespoon it in thermos and to fill in with boiled water. Further it is necessary to wait until water cools down. If from the first the raid does not depart up to the end, then the procedure needs to be repeated once again. Then the inside face of thermos precisely will become clean and brilliant.

3. It is possible to try to clean thermos as follows. It is necessary to fill it on quarter with vinegar, it is possible apple, and the rest to fill in with boiled water. The received solution needs to allow to infuse during couple of hours. Then it is necessary to pour out it and to rinse inside face of thermos with clear cool water.

4. There is one more way of disposal of raid. Third of thermos needs to be filled in with the ordinary whiteness which is on sale in any household shop. Then it is necessary to fill thermos with boiled water to top, to close cover and to shake up its contents. By means of such way from thermos all types of pollution will disappear. Naturally, the thermos cleaned from raid several times needs to be washed out warm soapsuds and to rinse.

5. It is possible to get rid of raid on inside face of thermos, having lowered in it couple of tablets for cleaning of dentures, having filled in with their boiled water and having left for the night. In the morning just it is necessary to rinse thermos with clear water and to allow it to dry on air.

6. The thermos after each use should be cleaned hot soapsuds. Only thus it is possible to protect its inside face from formation of undesirable raid.

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