How to collect crib

How to collect crib

If for assembly of kitchen or cabinet it is accepted to invite professionals, then future parents traditionally carry out assembly of crib own hands. And it is not such simple task too as it seems at first sight...

It is required to you

  • the screw-driver, the scheme of assembly, the sorted bed, screws, stubs for screws


1. Lay space for assembly by light fabric or paper not to scratch the making beds and in time to find all lost small screws.

2. Fasten motionless back wall to bed sidewalls the screws which are included in the package. Usually for this purpose 4 small screws, on two from each party are required. Do not mix top and bottom of back wall. On side panels usually there are legs so there it is more difficult to mix.

3. Establish bed bed. Sometimes it goes integral element, and in some models the cross boards fastened with cord are laid in grooves of back wall and special separate bar. Do not fix bed strongly so far, just ""acquire"" screws.

4. Insert mobile front wall of bed into special slit guides of sidewalls, now the box can fix by screws properly.

5. Invert all design, you will find metal grooves for insert of wheels. If you are going to roll bed, then insert them and if you swing it here and there on arc-shaped lower elements of sidewalls, then do not insert.

6. If you have pendular bed, that time to be engaged in assembly of the mechanism of the pendulum. Do not forget to insert in the pendulum body box for linen, and then fix pendulum sidewall by screws.

7. Put collected bed on the pendulum, use bearing mechanisms, you watch that openings for fixers have coincided. Establish fixers. To close all screws stubs for appearance.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team