How to conduct economy it is economical

How to conduct economy it is economical

Rational housekeeping – one of ways to increase welfare of family without decrease in usual living standards. Many women dream to learn it. To pass from words to business, think that the family consisting of four people can save up to 20-25% a month only because will begin to conduct economy economically.


1. In those families where the question of economical and rational funds expenditure is particularly acute enough, the most part of the budget is usually spent for food. To reduce these expenditure, you should not pass to low-quality and cheap food is the most ruinously will affect your health. You can provide inexpensive, but good and balanced nutrition, getting products which can long be stored, in hypermarkets at wholesale prices.

2. Stock up on products for all week strictly according to the list. Do not get many high-calorie, but not so useful chips, cookies, candies. There is no sense to hammer the fridge with perishable products which will need to be eaten for couple of days and before the end of the week to sit on potato dishes and cabbage. Milk, bread, fermented milk products can be bought during the whole week in the nearest grocery store.

3. In large shopping centers buy also goods of household chemicals and hygiene. At the same time give preference to big packings thanks to which the price of unit of product falls by dozens of percent.

4. Sometimes, to save, it is necessary to be spent previously, but these expenditure will pay off soon. For example, zealous mothers buy accumulators for finger-type batteries thanks to which they cease to be spent for batteries for children's toys. Same concerns acquisition and installation of counters on water. The actual expense considered on them is much less, than that which is provided by the existing standards.

5. It is cheaper to buy household appliances, computers and printers online. Even taking into account delivery you will be able to save up to 15-20%. Having chosen model, get acquainted with the prices which offer on various websites. Do not get absolutely cheap models from producers from China. Most likely, already in half a year they will become useless.

6. The clothes and footwear of great quality can be bought on sales at the end of season. Believe that the vast majority of people will never notice that things from last year's collections – the main thing that they suited you are put on you.

7. Making major purchases, buying expensive furniture, the machine, get acquainted with responses on these things on the Internet, check reviews and publications. Visit several trading floors – the variation in prices can be rather big. Remember that even the imperceptible and insignificant defect can become occasion in order that cost has been reduced by several dozen percent.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team