How to connect two switches in one

How to connect two switches in one

In houses and apartments with old planning and long ago not becoming repair it is possible to face that switches are installed too much. Whether were not able to arrange earlier, whether standards were absolutely others: word, it is difficult to explain it somehow. Here also modern house masters should correct oversights of the predecessors, uniting where it is possible, several switches in one.

  • - perforator;
  • - nozzle "Glass with teeths";
  • - chisel;
  • - file or file;
  • - switch;
  • - collars;
  • - wire.

1. If combination of two and more switches coincides with repair, then carry out capital transfer of switches, the excess bucket of garbage will definitely not make weather. Begin with making of opening under the new switch which will combine functions old two. Use for this purpose special nozzle "Glass with teeths" which is put on the perforator or drill.

2. Disconnect electricity in the apartment by means of the automatic machines located on guard. Surely make sure that in network there is no tension, otherwise the oversight can cost life.

3. Dismantle old wire. It is possible to make it if plaster weak (the wire with ease will be pulled out, having left furrow for new wiring). If builders have not regretted cement, then to pull out old wire, it is necessary to work as chisel.

4. Dismantle old wire to distribution box.

5. After that open this distribution block and accurately file or file cut old molding.

6. From lighting equipment to the new switch make furrows for wiring laying. If the wire badly lays down in the made furrow, then clean this groove chisel or the screw-driver.

7. Fix wire by plastic collars or other special brackets. Pay attention that via the switch it is necessary to start up phase. It needs to be made in order that further it was possible to replace bulb or to adjust contact, without switching-off the automatic machine in distribution box.

8. Install the switch and check quality of its fastening. After that turn on the automatic machine on distribution panel and test the switch.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team