How to consider expenses in construction

How to consider expenses in construction

Any construction, whether it be the house, bath, garage, the shed – difficult and very expensive action. And whether you are ready to it? Whether it is enough at you money? It is possible to learn it only in one way – to consider expenses on construction. It is necessary to consider all – the project cost, lands, materials, work, supply of communications and even the equipment of the place for accommodation of future builders. How to consider everything and to do not pass any cost item?


1. It is simpler and more reliable to entrust work to experts. Each construction company respecting itself surely has in the state the estimator – the specialist in drawing up the estimate of construction. Besides, often such service is provided free of charge when signing the contract on construction of the house or any other building. If you already firmly were defined who will build your future house (saw their work), you resolve all issues on the place when signing the contract.

2. It is more difficult if with the choice of the company there is no determinancy, and you have the ready and agreed project of the house. In this case address in two (or three) the companies with the order for drawing up the estimate of future construction. Having held peculiar tender between them, solve with what company you will continue cooperation.

3. The most difficult option when money is not enough for the full order. It is possible to solve this problem differently. For example, to start stage-by-stage construction. In the beginning to perform preparatory work, to lay the foundation. Then build box, to lay communications, to connect electricity, water, the sewerage. At the final stage – finishing of the building and improvement of the territory. Calculate the approximate cost of each stage of construction, using the construction calculator (program or online). For this purpose fill form, having passed on one of the references offered below. Bring the sizes, design features, material. The calculator rather precisely, taking into account features of performance of any given work, will give you result: total amount of material and working costs. Determine the average price of material by the price list – expenses are ready. In such a way it is possible to plan money on each stage of construction. However the period of construction of the house can extend for years. Besides, works will be performed for certain by different contractors that will not do good to quality.

4. If you have started small construction (for example, garage) by own efforts, then for definition of expenses you need to calculate only the cost of materials. Make it manually or also, by means of the construction calculator. For this purpose determine the garage sizes, design of walls, overlappings, the bases. Having received required amount of materials, increase by the price - it is and there will be base bid.

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