How to coordinate re-planning of the apartment

How to coordinate re-planning of the apartment

Re-planning of apartments is the phenomenon rather widespread. However this procedure is not always performed with respect for all norms. Any repair connected with demolition or construction of partitions, association of bathroom, etc. needs to be coordinated. Ideally - before works.

Coordination process rather labor-consuming as includes several stages at once. First, it is necessary to invite experts. They will carry out survey of the apartment, will study your project which you are going to implement, and will develop new design technical documentation. In case your re-planning concerns change of load-carrying structures, it is necessary to carry out additional survey and them too.

Further you will need to work directly with new technical documentation. It needs to be approved in a number of instances. The list of those enterprises which have to coordinate your re-planning can be learned in housing Inspectorate of your city. As a rule, it includes Rospotrebnadzor, the designer of the house, fire supervision of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, committee on architecture if the building is equipped with gas-fired plants - gas service and also the asset holder (it is normal condominium, DEZ, etc.). It is necessary to collect documents in BTI (registration certificate), the Uniform housing document, etc. After all coordination the full package of papers is given in housing Inspectorate.

As soon as you are granted permission, you can start re-planning. The order of housing Inspectorate which grants permission to you for work is valid within 4 months. For this period you have to manage to make the repair. Then you address in housing Inspectorate for execution of all necessary documents again. On the basis of the act issued to you changes are made to documents of title. In the act it has to be specified that you have finished works in time and have carried out them according to the design plan and the order. Experts of housing Inspectorate will sign it and will set the seal. Only after that you can cause on the house of the expert from Bureau of technical inventory to record changes of planning of the apartment in the registration certificate. This moment will also be considered as the end of process of coordination. In certain cases recommend to record still the changes in archival bureau of Registration chamber made by you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team