How to attract prosperity to the house

How to attract prosperity to the house

Set of national signs help people with attraction of material prosperity to the house. In addition there are also some simple rules which promote to become richer. To trust in them or not – the decision individual. Anyway, knowledge of similar signs has prevented nobody yet.


1. For attraction of material prosperity to the house decompose on all corners of coin. Only do not touch them after that.

2. If big money (salary, award, inheritance, etc.) have come to the house, surely postpone one note, and never exchange it. It will attract money to the house.

3. Do manicure and simple processing of nails only on Tuesdays and Fridays. Quite so one of national signs for attraction of prosperity to the house says.

4. For attraction of big money in the evening, on the young moon, stroking gray cat, you say: "Koteshok-bayushok, give us money bolshenky".

5. In order that in new year the prosperity has come to the house, meet on January 1 with beautiful hairstyle, white tights and new underwear. On table prepare not less than seven different dishes which surely try. And on chair to yourself put seven coins which after peal of bells distribute to the relatives and acquaintances.

6. In the evening, on the growing moon, occupy the large sum of money. And repay debt too in the evening, but under the decreasing moon, small notes.

7. If walking on the wood, you have heard cuckoo, surely jingle coins. So you will attract prosperity to the house.

8. Three days before full moon spread white new cloth on table and put under it the large note.

9. Never spend all money to the last coin. In purse always there has to be at least one note, only not with thought that it for "black" day. Let it will be bait for money.

10. Do not select coin on the street, especially at all if they lie at the intersection. Having lifted them, you risk to lose both prosperity, and health.

11. After you have seen off guests, shake out crumbs from table on the street that the prosperity was never removed.

12. Before each meal eat on small piece of bread with salt. This sign on wellbeing and prosperity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team