How to couch date

How to couch date

The African date palm tree – magnificent decoration of the house, office, the trading floor, greenhouses and aquaparks. It is unpretentious, does not require everyday attention and leaving. At the same time it can be grown up easily from stone, with curiosity observing shoots and further growth of tree. There are certain rules how to couch date so that the beautiful sprawling and healthy tree has grown from it.


1. Prepare soil. It has to be feeder and friable. Not to be mistaken in structure (how many what components to mix), it is more preferable to buy ready palm soil in specialized shop. Before sitting down stone, soil should be moistened and to slightly warm up up to 25-28 °C on water bath.

2. Take date stone and, having put it in ware with hot water (not boiled water!), leave for day. So it will sprout quicker. If you want to accelerate still germination, slightly file or harrow stone, without having damaged at the same time sunflower seed which is inside. The stone from date of fresh harvest will sprout approximately in month, and last year's – on 2, and even 3 months later.

3. Fill with the prepared warmed-up earth small pot (it is possible glass from under yogurt), at the bottom of which the drainage is arranged, and put the processed date stone vertically on depth about 1-1.5 cm. Cover with film and put on windowsill, it is desirable on East or South side.

4. Water landing daily. You watch that water did not stand in pot, and its surplus freely left in pallet from where in due time remove it. Adhere to everyday watering up to emergence of sprout.

5. To replace palm tree in pot bo? the lshy size it is necessary when its height is equal to 10-15 cm. Do not bury plant too strongly. The main thing at change is not to damage backs, otherwise you can nullify all previous actions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team