How to couch pumpkin seeds

How to couch pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin — popular garden plant, thanks to the unpretentiousness. However, to receive huge and juicy fruits, vegetable needs special care, including, and preparation of seeds for landing.


1. For couple of days before expected landing it is possible to begin the procedure of prorashchivaniye. Experts recommend to warm up at first seeds within 2-4 hours. Put seeds in small thermos and fill in with hot water which temperature about 50-60 degrees. Leave everything for couple of hours.

2. Then drain water, and cool seeds and slightly dry. Now it is possible to start directly the procedure of prorashchivaniye. On small plate or saucer put the cotton napkin or gauze put in several layers. Moisten fabric and spread out on it the prepared pumpkin seeds. Cover with layer of material and once again humidify everything.

3. Cover saucer with plastic bag and put to the warm place. Periodically raise package to air. If necessary moisten fabric, it should not be wet, only a little damp.

4. In 2-3 days the seeds of pumpkin will arise, white backs will seem. Begin to land them in soil when they become about 1 cm long. These receptions will help to increase viability of pumpkin, it will be visible at once what of them will give shoots and what are not present.

5. Soaking in special nutritious solution will help to strengthen young plants. For this purpose it is possible to make infusion of wood ashes. Put 1 tablespoon on 1 liter of water and let's solution infuse within a day. Then filter it and wet pumpkin seeds for 6 hours.

6. It is very effective to wet seeds in Epina or Kornevina solution. These medicines should be dissolved, according to the instruction and to put in liquid germinated seeds for 2-4 hours.

7. While seeds of pumpkin sprout, it is necessary to pave the way for their landing. Excellent predecessors for vegetable are tomatoes, onions, cabbage and haricot. Pick up the solar place with the easy air-permeable soil.

8. After soil gets warm up to 15 degrees, it is possible to begin landings of pumpkin. Dig up bed, loosen it with rake, deleting roots of weeds. Make holes at distance of 1 m from each other. Add to them fresh manure.

9. Make 2 openings in each hole on depth of 5 cm. Put in them on one sprouted pumpkin sunflower seed. Do it carefully as it is possible to damage gentle backs easily. Fill up openings with substrate and spill holes warm water (50 degrees). If conditions are favorable for plant, then the first shoots will appear in week.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team