How to cut tree

How to cut tree

It is not necessary to be the professional woodcutter to face need to fell trees. The drying-up apple-tree on the garden site or the fir-tree which has dangerously tilted after hurricane can demand urgent intervention of you. Not to risk in vain life and health at the cabin of trees, it is necessary to follow some rules.


1. Examine tree from all directions, choose the direction in which you will bring down it, take care of that during falling of branch have not damaged electrical wires, adjacent vegetation, other objects.

2. By means of ladder reach the big dried-up branches, remove first of all them. Otherwise they can be showered from concussion at the cabin on trunk and put serious injuries to you and your assistants.

3. Make sure that you will have opportunity for fast retreat when the tree begins to fall, the wrong direction Chosen in a hurry can become fatal - do not subject the to danger life.

4. Having prepared the place for falling, make narubka of trunk from all directions. Of course, it is much easier to fell tree by means of power saw, but it is possible to cope also one axe.

5. Begin to cut tree from that party in which it will fall then. Cut down the wide wedge-shaped piece reaching the middle of trunk. Come over to other side, ask the assistant to press with force on tree in the direction of falling.

6. Begin to cut narrow cross wedge, periodically checking whether the tree gives in to inclination. As soon as the critical mark is reached, the tree will begin to be filled up in the direction necessary to you. Push him and quickly you depart on safe distance.

7. Exempt the fallen tree from small and large branches, saw trunk on round stumps.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team