How to decorate the site at the dacha with the hands

How to decorate the site at the dacha with the hands

More often landscaping forces out traditional vegetables from seasonal dachas: lawn on the place of potatoes, instead of beds with onions - pond. Not because there is no wish to be picked the earth – just after mad rhythm of city life there is a wish to get for day to the magic country of silence and rest. To decorate the site at the dacha with the hands rather easily, it is necessary to connect imagination only.

It is possible to study design at courses. It is possible to invite the expert. And it is better to include own imagination is cheaper, and more interestingly. There are two main styles of design:

  • classical - with strict geometrical forms;
  • landscape - gentle and romantic, with the maximum proximity to wildlife.

Landscaping by the hands: we create "the magic country" at the dacha

1) Big trifles.

For a start it is worth being defined that it is more important: the potato which is grown up by own hands or the "magic country" created by the hands? Then to understand where and what will be how to be located. You should not be zealous with excess objects, to try to place everything and at once. It is necessary to evaluate competently possibilities of the site taking into account its relief, illumination, the direction of winds. It is necessary to designate the center - there will be fountain, pond or gazebo.

2) Lawn.

You should not suit lawn on the boggy site or the place where it is close to surface underground waters approach. That the grass grew more densely, the lawn has to be most lit with the sun. For planting stock to use seeds of perennial plants. After landing to cover with sawdust that birds have not destroyed seeds. For the purpose of economy of means it is possible to plant also normal grass. The lawn shows to advantage with beds and rosaries, but it is desirable to separate them - the grass of lawn is aggressive and can "take" them.

3) Fairy forest.

Decorative trees - thuja, juniper, yew are most often used. From them there will be no shadow, having conjured with garden scissors, they can give the most bizzare shape. If to seat them is more dense on site perimeter - the live fence will turn out. Also normal birches and sosenka from the next wood will approach. The best landing time - the end of spring or early autumn. It is necessary to plant trees so: lower to the South, high to the North. The tree above in environment of lower has to form the basis of forest composition. At the same time it is necessary to know that not all breeds get on nearby. For example, the larch oppresses others coniferous, they begin to wither.

4) Small "sea".

In the large territory it is possible to make stream or to establish fountain. On small - the pond suffices. Remember that pond - basis of all site. Coast should be imposed with boulders or just to lay out brick. For bigger naturalness the stones make out moss. Bigger naturalness will be added by presence of decorative small fishes (but it is necessary to protect them as some birds wish to fish).

Last stroke of "magic country": small parts (birdhouse, doghouse, old cart, furniture, ordinary log). They will give cosiness and elegant look.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team