How to define tree

How to define tree

The spring fills our life with greens of trees in parks, forests and gardens. But whether we know trees so well unmistakably to define what tree before us: fir-tree, pine, poplar or maple? That you will answer question of the inquisitive child if he asks you: "And what the tree is?"


1. Rather precisely it is possible to determine breed of trees by their leaves. For this purpose, of course, some most elementary knowledge of the field of science about trees – dendrology and also the minimum experience will be necessary. The fact is that the leaf of each species of tree has the unique form and structure.

2. It is very difficult to confuse leaf of maple with leaves of other trees. It quite large also consists of five sharp peculiar "blades". Look at flag of Canada, and you will see how the maple leaf looks. You without effort remember it well.

3. At ash-tree leaves more difficult, they remind rather separate branch on which several smooth leaves with the narrow ends are placed. The leaf of ash-tree usually has flavovirent shade.

4. Oval, with cloves, it is very difficult to confuse the rowan leaves especially located on branch with something another. There is in the fall when on rowan there are bright juicy berries which are hanging down in clusters no need to determine this tree by its leaves.

5. At aspen small, whitish, roundish, with wavy contour aspen leaves, but it is possible to determine them also by other feature. They are capable to tremble, publishing noise, something the reminding whisper. Not without reason say: "Shivers as if aspen leaf". Business here in flattened form of the basis of scape why it reminds thin plate. The inner side of aspen leaf has whitish silvery coloring.

6. Leaves of birch are known practically by everyone, they round and have keen toothed edges. However, to understand that before you birch, it is possible and not to look at leaves. Beautiful birch in its snow-white attire it is visible from far away.

7. The willow leaves sharpened long and narrow form. Lower part of their grayish-white color. The upper part of leaf of willow is covered with peculiar "down", from below leaf silky.

8. These are only some of the trees which are most often found at us. For exact determination of breed of tree, you, perhaps, will need special determinants.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team