How to dissolve plastic

How to dissolve plastic

Plastic belong to organic materials on the basis of polymers. Thanks to special characteristics, under the influence of heating and pressure of plastic can take the form set by it and after cooling to keep it. In certain cases, processing of plastic is carried out by means of solvents.


1. Dissolution of plastic is carried out, as a rule, for pasting of several parts made of one type of plastic. Plastic on the basis of polyvinylchloride, polystyrene, etc. concern them.

2. Apply solvents. When processing adherend surfaces their natural softening when for pasting of rather small pressure happens solvent. Besides solvents, for this purpose it is possible to use solutions of adherend polymers.

3. Before connection, prepare the surface of plastic for what degrease it and process small abrasive paper.

4. You apply glue so that softening has happened on all working surface, on depth providing strong joint. You cause the gluing structure by means of the syringe, brushes, with method of dispersion or immersion.

5. Press down adherend parts and record them. Put pressure upon surfaces until the firm glue layer is formed.

6. Recently, many new solvents - not less effective, than dichloroethane, but, unlike it, absolutely safe are created. By the way, such glue can be prepared in house conditions, having mixed plastic shaving with solvent. For this purpose, fill plastic crumb, shaving or pieces of ABS plastic in metal or glass jar, mix with WD-40 solvent, in quantity there is about 2 cm above than the level of plastic. Mix everything and close cover mix for day then again mix it. If glue has turned out dense, add solvent.

7. It is also possible to prepare glue on the basis of chloride methylene. For this purpose only 4 hours will be required. It is necessary to know that to certain type of plastic there corresponds the solvent. So, for example, for celluloid it is acetone, for polystyrene – benzene, and for plexiglass – chloroform.

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