How to equip the small hall

How to equip the small hall

In many apartments halls of very small sizes that reduces possibilities of the embodiment of the interesting ideas in interior. But if to work intelligently, it is possible and to make the cozy and functional hall of small room.

It is required to you

  • - sliding wardrobe;
  • - glass bedside table;
  • - shelf under footwear;
  • - rug;
  • - padded stool;
  • - accessories;
  • - mirror;
  • - paint for walls;
  • - materials for mounting of floor;
  • - lamps.


1. Usually in halls rooms of window are not provided therefore they receive lighting from bulbs. That the hall was light, build in dot lamps on ceiling. It is also possible to use couple of wall lamps of the most various forms and flowers.

2. Important role at arrangement of the hall is played by tsvetoterapiya. The small room can be broadened visually by means of color. Paint ceiling and walls in light tone, and the contrast can be brought by means of accessories or partial coloring of walls.

3. Standard set of furniture to the hall the room – locker, wooden bedside table and mirror. Now such set is not relevant, use for registration of interior the easy metal shelf for footwear, table from high-impact glass on metal legs and carved mirror better. For arrangement of the hall of the room use the tile laid on diagonal as finishing of floors. Lay the path which is smoothly going to other room, such registration will make the area much more in the visual plan.

4. That the hall looked more and is more spacious, put in it small sliding wardrobe. The cabinet with mirror doors considerably will increase space. It is more preferable to choose cabinet of light tones, dark furniture will make the hall narrower and bulky.

5. Surely get small padded stool for the hall. In the small hall it is much more convenient to put shoes on sitting, than standing.

6. Put in the hall several accessories, for example, such as vase, wall pocket for slippers and support under umbrellas. On shelf you can put small houseplant which generally prefers shadow.

7. Do not overload the small hall at all, there has to be the most necessary furniture. The set of various cabinets, shelves and pictures will strongly block up it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team