How to fight against the turning yellow leaves on dragon tree

How to fight against the turning yellow leaves on dragon tree

The dragon tree in house conditions reaches in height up to 1.5 m depending on species of plant. But, as well as at many houseplants, over time at it leaves begin to turn yellow. Why it occurs and how to fight against the turning yellow leaves?

The dragon tree though is unpretentious plant, but nevertheless certain rules at its cultivation need to be observed. If some of them to neglect, then such problem can appear: leaves of dragon tree turn yellow. One of basic reasons why it occurs, the dry indoor air is. The plant needs to be sprayed with warm room water regularly once a week.

The lack of mineral substances, in particular nitrogen can be other reason of yellowing of leaves on dragon tree. Especially it happens relevant during active growth of plant, namely from March to August.

Also leaves turn yellow at dragon tree if they have got solar burns. In due form its cultivation of it should be avoided in any situations.

Besides mistakes on care for these beautiful plants various diseases and wreckers can cause such process.

The dragon tree can be surprised virus of ring spottiness. At this disease on leaves there are light yellow spots having ring shape. The sucking insects can extend virus. The struck leaves delete because some effective ways for fight against this disease do not exist.

Among wreckers the yellowing of leaves on dragon tree is caused by web tick and tripsa.

At appearance of web tick on leaves there are yellowish specks which then increase and can lead to their full dying off. They usually appear at very high temperature indoors. In room conditions for fight against these wreckers use predatory ticks Fitoseyulyus which can be got in specialized shops. At small amount of web pincers they are washed away soapsuds solution.

As for trips, their emergence is caused by high temperatures and humid air indoors. At their emergence the leaves get yellowish-brown coloring. If to glance under leaf, then it is possible to see dark allocations. For fight against tripsa it is possible to use folk remedies. For example, prepare infusion of flowers of marigold or broth of tubers of cyclamen. For this purpose raw materials are filled in with boiled water, insisted within 2 days and filtered. During spraying add a little soap. And this process is carried out by two times at an interval of 10 days. If folk remedies do not help, then use chemical medicines: To the actor, Karate, Tsitkor and others. They are applied according to the instruction, with observance of all security measures.

But sometimes yellowing begins with the lower leaves and proceeds rather slowly. In this case you should not worry especially – at your plant there has occurred natural process of aging. Once you try such process, rejuvenescence of dragon tree. For this purpose cut off top at plant and implant it in the soil. In addition it is possible to try to place in pot young plant. Together they will look more effectively.

After emergence of yellow leaves on dragon tree it is necessary to establish the reason of their emergence at once and in time to begin to fight against this shortcoming.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team