How to fight against weed wood louse by means of fatseliya

How to fight against weed wood louse by means of fatseliya

The set of problems is caused to summer residents by wood louse. What is the time and forces for it it is spent, and it all at all. But if to know what it does not take out moreover to apply such plant as fatseliya, then it is possible not only to remove wood louse from the site, but also to improve structure and to enrich the soil with power supply.

Wood louse - annual creeping plant with short life cycle in 30-35 days after which there is emission thousands of seeds on the adjacent territory. During the summer the plant is capable to occupy big sites. Loves the crude, shaded places Perfectly feels on heavy and sour soils. Shelters most of wreckers: to plant louse, cruciferous flea beetle, weevils and fungal settlers. Weeding is a little effective, and to apply chemical means not eco-friendly and expensively.

Knowing about the nature of weed, we take the appropriate measures of fight. To change acidity of the soil and to improve its structure the fatseliya will help. It is the best of all to begin in the early spring when the wood louse has not ascended from the wintered seeds yet, and last year's has died. 

We loosen the problem site, using the subsurface cultivator, we level and we sow fatseliya seeds in dispersion or in grooves of 1.5-2 cm in depth and we close up rake. On 1 sq.m we take from 5 to 10 grams of seeds. Fatseliya well grows also at thickened crops. When plants reach blossoming phase - we mow grass and we leave it as mulch, without giving the chance to the wintered seeds of wood louse to ascend. When the mulch begins to rot through, by means of shovel we will invert it down and again we will seed fatseliya. During the summer season it is possible to seed fatseliya 3 times, up to late fall. You should not allow only obsemeneniye of the fatseliya, it is inclined to it.

So by siderat of fatseliya it is possible to remove from the site not only wood louse, but also such weeds as horsetail, plantain, horse sorrel, to change acidity of the soil, to liquidate actively wireworms and other parasites who promote appearance of viral diseases in garden plants. And also to turn bad soils into friable and feeder.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team