How to fill the conditioner with freon

How to fill the conditioner with freon

Unfortunately, even from the most expensive and modern conditioners there is freon leak – from 5 to 8% annually. It is connected not with technical defects at all, and with construction features of the conditioner where interblock tubes are connected among themselves by flaring method. Means, one day freon in the conditioner it is necessary to resupply. If in time not to make it, it will overheat and can fail absolutely.


1. Frequency of filling of conditioners depending on their quality can make once a year or every two years. In rare instances this term can be more. The need of filling of the conditioner is indicated by several signs. So, the indoor air can be cooled excessively or insufficiently. The following sign is emergence of hoarfrost or ice in position of joints of the external block.

2. The first that needs to be made in these cases – to switch off the conditioner then to ask for the help in service center. Independent attempts to eliminate fault without knowledge of the equipment and the special equipment are almost for certain doomed to failure.

3. For filling of conditioners R-22 freona, R-134a and R-404a are used. It goes on sale in cylinders weighing 13.6, 22.7, 400 and 800 kilograms. It is known that freon – the inert gas absolutely harmless and inexplosive. Fill process of gas station from installation of minimum temperature of operation of the conditioner, to equal 18 degrees, further start the device in the cold mode.

4. After that remove cap on the crane of big pipe of the external block and connect manometer hose. Put the speed of blowing of the fan in average position and on air outlet establish the thermometer.

5. At air temperature on the street + 25C, indications on the manometer have to correspond 4.2-5.0 bars. To reach extreme efficiency, it is necessary to turn on the manometer and to look at indications of the thermometer. Process of gas station stops as soon as after temperature reduction it begins to increase. It will be necessary to check current level. If indications are above norm, then it is necessary to pit part of freon.

6. Calibrate yourself according to the service table (usually is included in the package if service documents are lost – you look on the website of the producer), compare all indications of the conditioner to factory standards.

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