How to get rid of ants

How to get rid of ants

The family of ants is considered the most numerous in the world. There are 6 thousand versions. Ants live worldwide. They are not only in Antarctic, Iceland, Greenland and on some islands, remote from the continent. There live ants a little everything one year. Only females live up to 20 years. Ants do not do harm, but they carry plant louse which eat. The plant louse works great mischief to garden and garden culture. Leaves at plants are twisted, the productivity falls. Domestic ants can touch. Stings strongly scratch and there are blisters. Besides they get into products and ware that is not really pleasant. It is necessary to fight against ants. For this purpose there is mass of ways.


1. For disposal of ants in garden and kitchen garden: - fill in ant hill with abrupt boiled water - loosen the slot and strew with dry lime - loosen the slot and strew with snuff tobacco - water with infusion of tops of vegetable of tomatoes - crush garlic, fill in with cold water. In a day water ant hill. - fill in ant hill soot (not ashes) - ground cinnamon - fill in with solution of water, sunflower oil, vinegar and shampoo - take out ant hill out of borders of the site - water with diesel fuel and set fire-sprinkle ant hill and places of movement by boric acid - it is possible to use chemical means which are provided in wide assortment. Boric acid is part of all these means. Additives can be various. - on trunk of trees it is necessary to fix fabric with one of the listed above means - to water ant hill with soap solution - to make strong infusion of wormwood and to fill in ant hill and places of movement - very effectively to fill baking powder (for pastries) - sprinkle, the ant hill Coca Cola, enters it basis vector phosphatic acid that is pernicious for ants

2. For disposal of ants in the apartment use the following ways: - grease edges of ware and food container with sunflower oil - dissolve in bank mix from water of yeast and sugar. Ants will drown-grease edges of ware with products fresh lemon - put piece of crude meat. Ants remove and destroy. After a while the female will come crawling. When you destroy her, invasion of ants will stop. - spray places of congestion and movement with cologne - process wall and plinth dichlorvos - smear everything plinth and the place of movement small Mashenka-smeshayte sugar with boric acid and decompose on saucers. Put saucers to places of movement and congestion of ants - it is good to frighten off ants smell of parsley, garlic or mustard - for fight against domestic ants the wide range of chemical means is also provided - should the washed dishes, remove crumbs and leftovers and more often you take out garbage can. Ants go to the house on flavor of food.

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