How to glue boards

From small pieces of boards it is possible to stick together designs practically of any form. It is for this purpose better to use undersized wood of the lowered quality with removal of knots and defects. Glued joints are strong, waterproof, do not give in to decay. The stuck together wooden products are reliable and serve long.

It is required to you

  • - Boards;
  • - glue;
  • - planing machine;
  • - clamps.


1. Use for pasting of board with a section no more than 50 millimeters and 180 millimeters are not wider. If you take wood of the big sizes, then when drying it will warp. It will lead to destruction of glue joints. During the work use only dry material, with humidity no more than ten percent.

2. Begin work with the fact that to board otstrogayta. Depth of the removed layer has to be not less than three millimeters. In this case the glue joint will turn out thin. Consider direction of grain and year layers at selection of adherend parts.

3. Apply the glue structures made on the basis of thermoactive pitches to merging of board. Add to the gluing structure mineral pigments under color of wood at the rate of eight-ten percent on volume. Seams of gluing together will become less noticeable.

4. Apply glue on both adherend parties of boards. Greasing by glue mix only of one surface will not give uniform wetting of parts another. It will lead to not glued spots and to product strength reduction. The thick layer will also not give effect. At press fitting it promotes extrusion and loss of time for its removal.

5. Having covered with glue wood, sustain time specified by the producer of glue weight. For this interval the concentration increases and moisture evaporates. It is especially important at liquid mixing ratios and high temperature indoors. In the cold room it is possible to glue at once. Do not allow in work area of drafts and dust content.

6. Connect the smeared parts and, it is dense them pressing, pull together with clamps. Vice or press can be suitable for this purpose. Determine the size of pressure by density of glue. Remove the dips formed during pasting on the milling machine.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team