How to grind knives for plane

How to grind knives for plane

Once the knife at plane comes to state, unsuitable for work. That the tool exactly and well planed, execute its sharpening, using the special machine which, having sustained necessary corner, will allow to achieve the equal plane of edge.

  • - the Tormek T7 machine with established by working support and ditch for water;
  • - water;
  • - mandrel for sharpening of SE-76;
  • - device for editing of circle of TT-50;
  • - double-sided stone of SP-650;
  • - abrasive RA-70 paste;
  • - WM-200 angle meter.

1. Install the machine on strong table, convenient on height, or workbench. If it is supposed to work sitting, then pick up convenient seat and support under the device. Provide good lighting of the working area.

2. Fill the machine with water. To accelerate process of gas station, during flooding include "T-7". For full treatment of new dry stone and ensuring content of water in necessary quantity in ditch pour 1.5-2 liters.

3. In case on abrasive wheel there is beating of surface or uneven wear, govern it by means of diamond pencil in mandrel (TT-50). Through working openings put on TT-50 support, fork hook for his threaded leg and record the screw wing nut.

4. Trace that the support has been lifted over stone rather highly. Having turned on the machine, lower support by means of adjusting nut on support leg. At the same time the stop screws located on vertical guides have to be weakened.

5. When the diamond pencil concerns circle, at once stop lowering support. Take aside from circle surface diamond pencil. Then lower support on one division of adjusting nut, record it in vertical guides stop screws. Rotation of working TT-50 screws carry out giving towards abrasive wheel.

6. Pass diamond pencil all surface and, having switched off the machine, examine it. It has to be covered all with grooves from diamond pencil. Smooth their double-sided stone SP-650.

7. After completion of preparation of the machine for work start directly sharpening of knife for plane. Clamp it in mandrel of SE-76 which fixes the sharpened tools at right angle without squares. Insert knife into adaptation and displace it to the right. Evenly wrap two screws and clamp knife in mandrel.

8. Through openings put on mandrel machine support. Having exposed the necessary angle of sharpening, record. For this purpose tighten stop screws on vertical guides.

9. Turn on the machine and execute "draft" sharpening. You make longitudinal movements of knife so that each edge of cutting edge reached the middle of surface of circle. The edge has to turn out accurate, and on its reverse side the accurate hangnail has to appear.

10. Remove mandrel with knife for plane and double-sided stone of SP-650 within 30-60 seconds smooth down working surface of circle. Again put on mandrel support and continue sharpening. At this "fair" sharpening the knife has to slide the cutting edge on circle surface.

11. Then complete the final stage of sharpening – operational development on leather circle. Grease circle with abrasive RA-70 paste, you put for one operational development layer 1 cm thick with cross lines.

12. Reinstall support in horizontal position and put on him mandrel with the sharpened knife. By means of the WM-200 angle meter with the exposed index in LA-220 value for leather circle establish the necessary angle of operational development. Record support and execute operational development.

13. Then make operational development of reverse side of knife in the normal manual way, having completely removed hangnail.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team