How to grow up garden rose

How to grow up garden rose

Rose – the queen of flowers. It will decorate any garden and will attract attention to itself, especially during blossoming. Often the rose is considered whimsical flower, but once you only learn to look after her, and she will seem absolutely unpretentious.


1. Roses rather hardy plants, they will sprout in any soil and under any weather conditions, except winter cold weather. Saplings of rose need to be planted in the fall, but in warm season that till the cold weather the rose has taken root.

2. Choose the solar place where norths get a little. Do not plant rose about walls of the house or fences. Also do not choose the place where roses have been already earlier planted, and differently, change in that place the soil on half-meter in depth. On the chosen site dig hole about 60 cm wide and no more than 30 cm in depth. Add peat or compost there if rose with opening root system. If from closed – nothing needs to be added.

3. Prepare rose: cut off roots to length 30 cm, remove excess leaves and the broken branches. Arrange rose in hole and fill up so that the inoculation was slightly higher than ground level. After landing water with warm water. In several days hill rose the earth, and after the onset of cold weather cover rose with fir-tree branches or hay.

4. In the spring, with approach of heat, remove ukryvny material. Refresh rose: remove all frozen branches, clean root neck and wash it with potassium permanganate solution. Also cut off weak branches. It is necessary to do it slightly above live kidney. During awakening of kidneys rose it is necessary to feed up. For this purpose the rotted-through horse manure which mixes up with small amount of the earth will be ideal and in such look keeps within under bush. Do not use chicken dung, it can damage the root system of flower up to elimination. The following fertilizing is possible during blossoming. Calcic saltpeter and infusion of mullein will help rose to fade fully.

5. The rose loves abundant watering and the friable soil. Therefore it is necessary to water it much that deeply located roots were saturated with moisture. The soil under bush needs to be loosened often to saturate it with air and to get rid of weeds. Laying of mulch which can be served straw, fallen leaves or compost will be also not superfluous. The rose will not refuse also spraying. But, at all, do not do it in the morning or in the afternoon when the sun heats very strongly. On the contrary, this flower needs to be preserved against sunshine and to cover with grass. Spray rose in the evening when the sun already sets. During blossoming the watering needs to be increased. Delete Zavyadshy flowers that the rose did not spend for them force. This action will stimulate plant on tie of new buds.

6. Before cold weather the rose needs to be prepared for wintering. For this purpose cut off all soft escapes, remove flowers and leaves from branches. Then wrap up in fir twigs or straw.

7. Roses can be multiplied and planted in different parts of the garden. They breed cherenkovaniye. In July from the fading bushes cut off young escapes. For this purpose choose branch with three branches and cut off obliquely. Put shank to any place and cover with glass jar. Before the onset of cold weather cover shank together with can sawdust or fir-tree branches. In the spring to bank remove, and land shank to the place pleasing to you. Do not allow to blossom to it in the first summer, it will deprive of it forces for future blossoming.

8. The rose well grows among any flowers. Especially appropriate it will look in flower bed in which the majority of flowers blossom to it or later. It can be hand bells, sage, narcissuses, snowdrops. Rose – long plant therefore it will pull many years on itself attention the abundant blossoming.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team