How to grow up good tomatoes

How to grow up good tomatoes

Not everyone manages cultivation of good, fleshy tomatoes. That the harvest has turned out wonderfully well, it is necessary to follow some basic rules on care for this vegetable culture. They are not really difficult.


1. Soil. Pave the way under landing of tomatoes since fall, it has to contain enough nitrogen, organic chemistry and potassium. Add to the main soil a little ashes and egg shell.

2. Landing. Land seedling in the spring, having prepared in advance special props to which further, in process of growth of tomatoes, it is necessary to tie them. Depth of landing is 3-5 cm (to the first leaves).

3. Fertilizing. Ideal fertilizing for tomatoes - liquid organic fertilizers. It is recommended to apply them 1 every two weeks. As soon as there were first fruits, use as fertilizers extracts with the increased potassium content. Ready substrates can be bought in specialized shops and large supermarkets.

4. Temperature condition. During maturing of fruits to tomatoes it is necessary to have direct sunlight. Ideal temperature for growth and development of tomatoes – 15-25 degrees of heat.

5. Watering. Tomatoes need to be watered regularly, but it is moderate. The excessive amount of moisture impacts to tomatoes watery relish, fruits burst and fall down, also it can be the cause of fungal diseases of plants and decay.

6. Harvesting. It is necessary to collect fruits when they completely ripen, will gain equal and beautiful color.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team