How to grow up hand bells

How to grow up hand bells

If you have decided to grow up hand bells on the seasonal dacha, then it will be absolutely simple to make it. They are unpretentious, cold-resistant, are resistant to diseases and wreckers.


1. You can grow up hand bells from seeds. For this purpose seed them in boxes with the easy soil in the spring, slightly powder with the sifted sand and spray with water from the spray. Then cover with glass and leave in the greenhouse. Approximately in week you will have first shoots, and still after a while you will be able to seat them.

2. To soils the hand bells are undemanding, but will better develop on well processed, with sufficient nutrition or alkalescent soils. It is desirable that your site has been well trained, hand bells do not transfer stagnation of water at wintering since their roots can decay and freeze.

3. That to putplantsit will be necessary to pave , the way in advance, having dug up it on depth of 30-40 cm and having carefully removed weeds. Then add the cespitose earth, peat, humus. You should not add fresh manure since it can put burn to roots of plant and to become the cause of outbreak of mushroom diseases.

4. It is necessary to plant seedling very densely, about 40х40 cm. During the summer do not forget podkarmlivatvasha hand bells several times mineral fertilizers, also regularly weed them and you loosen.

5. In June the hand bells blossom. And flowers at them various coloring: white, pink, lilac, blue, blue. Blossoming continues till August.

6. By fall the bushes become strong, well grow up, and some of them can even release peduncles. And that the root system of plants has better developed, you can tear off the first arrows with flowers.

7. At the end of October powder bed with dry peat and cover with fir-tree branches. Under such shelter your hand bells will be perfectly wintered. And with arrival of spring remove fir grove, you prorykhlit the soil around bushes, feed up nitrogen fertilizers and you can enjoy blossoming of these great and gentle colors again.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team