How to hammer pipe into the earth

How to hammer pipe into the earth

At arrangement of the seasonal dacha many seek to establish water-pressure column near the house. For this purpose usually happens it is necessary to hammer metal pipe into soil. Professional drilling of the well can cost much enough. If you want to save on drilling, try to hammer pipe into the earth independently, using improvised tools.

It is required to you

  • - metal pipe;
  • - coupling bushings;
  • - metal tip in the form of cone;
  • - metal gauze;
  • - iron rods;
  • - heavy hammer or sledge hammer;
  • - welding machine.


1. Estimate properties of soil in that place where it is supposed to establish water-pressure column. To introduce pipe to the earth by means of simple means it will turn out only if soil on the site rather soft and pliable. The firm and stony soil can demand use of professional equipment for well-drilling.

2. Pick up suitable pipe. Its diameter has to be about 50-75 mm. Length of the hammered pipe can reach one and a half-two meters. If the water-bearing stratum is located rather deeply, several tube sections with the parameters specified above can be necessary for you. On the ends of pipes cut thread for coupling bushings by means of which the design can be united in single whole. Also several iron rods with a diameter about 30 mm and up to two and a half meters long are required. If necessary bars increase, connecting welding.

3. Pick up also steel cone which diameter corresponds to pipe size. Weld cone on the lower part of pipe in which it is in advance necessary to do longitudinal slots. Envelop the specified cuts the small metal gauze which will begin to perform function of the filter.

4. Begin to drive in the pipe equipped with cone into the earth in the chosen place, using steel rod. The rod is lowered in hollow pipe against the stop, and then sharply lifted and lowered. Blows of rod are transferred to cone which gradually goes deep into soil, entraining all pipe.

5. If the movement of pipe in soil becomes complicated, strike to its top cut several blows with the heavy hammer or sledge hammer. It will help to overcome resistance which is most often connected with hit under cone of firm particles of soil or small stones.

6. When you chuck in pipe the necessary depth, make sure that will reach water-bearing stratum. For this purpose it is necessary just to fill in water bucket in pipe. If the water-bearing stratum is reached, water will leave deep into. If it keeps in pipe, it is necessary to continue swamping of pipe, having brought it to the necessary depth.

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