How to insist shungit

How to insist shungit

Shungit - one of ancient minerals, and for the unique curative properties it is known long ago. It helps to normalize work of digestive, nervous, cardiovascular, blood systems, improves condition of skin. Carrying Coulomb from this stone on neck helps to normalize pressure, to reduce stress. Special curative properties the water infused on shungita has.

It is required to you

  • - Shungit;
  • - tanks for water;
  • - system for blood transfusion.


1. Take crumb or pieces of the shungit and fill in with water at the rate of 100 grams of mineral on 1 liter of water. This water will already find some antibacterial properties in half an hour. But infusion will receive full force in 3-5 days. Then it can be merged and filled capacity with stones the next portion of water. Infused water can be used for drink, cooking, washing and washing of hair.

2. If you need more shungitovy water, you can draw it directly in own well. Pour out in it 30-60 kilograms of shungitovy stone or crushed stone and after a while well water will gain all its useful properties. Besides, shungit will help to purify your well water from oil products, bacteria, nitrates and other pollution.

3. The best way of receiving the water infused on shungita, this production of the filter. He is capable to purify water from radionuclides, heavy metals, and other impurity. For production of the filter it will be necessary for you system for blood transfusion (it can be bought in pharmacy), the bucket (enameled or plastic) and two plastic large bottles (on two and five liters) from under potable water.

4. In bottom of two-liter bottle make several openings by means of heated pricker or nail. Wash out it and also 1 kilogram of shungitovy crumb in clear water. Pour out shungit in the prepared large bottle. In covers of both large bottles make on small opening into which insert the ends of tube from system for blood transfusion. Pour water in bucket and put it on chair or on table. Lower in water two-liter large bottle with shungity. The second large bottle put lower than the level of bucket on floor or on chair. That water has begun to flow through tubule, take the second end of tube in mouth and suck away from it air.

5. At eczema, neurodermatitis and some other skin diseases it is very useful to take baths with the water infused on shungita. Gather hot water (about 40 °C) in bathtub. Put in it sack from fabric from 200-300 g of the shungit. Wait until water cools down to body temperature. Take bath within 10-20 minutes. After it be rinsed and grease skin with lanolin cream.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team