How to install the counter on heating

How to install the counter on heating

Winters are colder and colder, and the rent grows before the eyes. Installation of various counters can cut rent almost by half. The counter of the electric power is available in each apartment, it is obligatory. According to its indications the payment for the used electric power is charged. Counters of hot and cold water supply can also be installed. Also you will pay only for the used water, but not on average tariffs. And here with the heating counter the situation is more difficult.


1. There can be two options: all-house counter of heating or apartment counters. Both that and others are established only by experts.

2. The apartment counter is put where specifications allow to make it. Namely, if in the apartment horizontal distributing of the pipeline. It means that in your apartment there have to be only two heating pipes: giving and the return. All radiators of heating system are connected consistently between these pipes. Then installation of the counter of heating will include the following steps.

3. You have to go to the housing organization which is carrying out service of your house and to write the application for desire to install the heating counter in own apartment.

4. Then you have to receive task for installation of the counter in the apartment in GorEnergo which carries out giving of heat to your house.

5. Further it is necessary to order the project of mounting of the counter in the specialized organization having on it the license. Keep in mind, all this will cost money and time.

6. Now you can buy the counter in shop. It is better to discuss its type and design with the master who will establish him to you. The master has to have the license for such types of works too. Mounting is carried out quickly. Perhaps, it is necessary to wait for some time of the turn.

7. But it is not the end yet. Commissioning of the counter of heat is carried out only after its sealing by the expert from the same GorEnergo about what the relevant statement is drawn up. Further you have to sign the contract on delivery to you heat on the counter.

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