How to issue apartment interior in the Spanish style

How to issue apartment interior in the Spanish style

Hospitable Spanish interiors are capable to inspire the person on changes in life. To issue the apartment in the Mediterranean style - means to let in its rooms sun, to add paints. In the Spanish interior it is possible to mix the latest with old-fashioned, adding more antiques, cozy textiles.


1. Degree of saturation of paints and variety of textures have to be in harmony with room space. If its windows come to sunny side, it is desirable to manage the minimum finishing of walls and use of pastel shades. At natural lighting externally reserved decorative receptions will play cheerful paints.

2. In Spain, as well as it is universal to the Mediterranean, widely use color gamma of the coast. Snow-white and blue - noble combination of flowers. It is capable to create cozy situation in the bedroom. Here or in the living room also advantageously skillfully made combination of various shades of tree will look.

3. You can implement the Spanish approach to zoning of space at arrangement of kitchen. It is brightly characterized by open regiments, racks. At such registration all always near at hand. And in finishing of kitchen use of stone is relevant.

4. Marble floors or more budgetary keramogranitny noticeably will refresh the atmosphere. You can reach the same effect, using various metal surfaces. The serving trolley located under the main table-top can become the witty decision for compact space. And instead of normal chairs it is possible to choose bar.

5. Choose furniture such extravagant forms what want. As decorative elements you can place in rooms both objects of art, and antiques. And if it turns out to combine skillfully all this, then the interior will be truly Spanish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team