How to keep shanks of roses

How to keep shanks of roses

The queen of garden – rose – usually takes place of honor on garden beds. In flower shops and greenhouses, various grades of this ornamental plant in the form of saplings and flowers in pots are offered today. Before cultivation of roses surely study their characteristics to make sure of survival of this look in specific weather conditions. When the pink bush takes root on the site and will begin to blossom, you will be able to make multiple copies plants by means of escapes. For successful floriculture it is important to keep shanks before landing.

It is required to you

  • - uterine bush with mature escapes;
  • - garden knife;
  • - iron vitriol;
  • - growth factor;
  • - paraffin or wax candle;
  • - water;
  • - peat;
  • - compost;
  • - polyethylene film or packages;
  • - metal rods;
  • - plastic bottles;
  • - potato tubers on number of shanks;
  • - cotton cloth;
  • - branches;
  • - sawdust;
  • - medicine "Fiosporin-M";
  • - shovel;
  • - sphagnum;
  • - fridge.


1. Prepare shanks of roses correctly. Usually as pink saplings the summer residents use tops of escapes after autumn cutting of flowers. It is possible to prepare them and after emergence and coloring of buds – at this time the plant has saved up in itself already enough nutrients that its escapes could remain. Before cutting of roses it is recommended to process them water solution of iron vitriol: part one and a half glasses of substance in bucket of water and spray bush.

2. Remove all leaves from mature sprout of rose (it has to be less than 15 cm in length), and then make diagonal cut over the second kidney from below. Flood the bared place at maternal bush with the melted paraffin or wax from the lit candle, and it is desirable to apply biostimulant (such as Epin) on the lower end of each shank. Dissolve substance precisely according to the instruction on packing with ampoules! It is possible just to wash the bases of planting stock with pure (not really cold) water.

3. Make deepening in the earth (about 30-35 cm) and fill it with peat and compost. Having moistened the prepared soil, put in it shanks of rose and make over them canopy of metal rods and polyethylene. Sometimes escape is previously inserted into potato tuber. It is possible to cover saplings and two-liter plastic bottles with the cut-off necks. Close the improvised hotbed branches and leave future roses to winter.

4. It is possible to keep shanks of roses till next spring also in other ways - all of them are checked in practice by many successful flower growers. For example: • the sprouts of roses prepared in the way described above can just be stored in the pole about 15-20 cm in depth which is dug out on the seasonal dacha, having spread out them in one layer close (but not end-to-end) to each other. On bottom lay several pure cotton layers of cloth, from above cover planting stock with the same fabric and fill up with the soil. After snow descent dig out shanks at once and place them in damp sawdust process fresh sphagnum (moss) the microbiological medicine "Fiosporin-M" according to the instruction (it will preserve future flowers against many diseases) for polyethylene cap.· and envelop moss the cut-off shanks of roses. The pink escapes laid in package in sphagnum can lie in the fridge till spring. Optimum storage temperature is +3-4 degrees.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team